About Us

We're a group of truly talented employment professionals. 

What do we offer?

We work closely with employers to insure that quality applicants are received promptly and steadily. 

New Career Postings

We're always updating our list of positions. Not only that, our applicants receive alerts on related opportunities. 

Higher Employment

INFINITI helps employ more than our local competitors. How? Through creating a fluent and easy process for applicants to use. 

Applicant Profiles

All applicants on our website can create an account and save all recent information. This helps for you to find the perfect applicant later or better yet, today!


Our marketing team will make sure more eyeballs see your employee needs. Worry-less and hire more! 

More Jobs

Applicants will find more jobs on INFINITI than any other Central Florida website. You're probably thinking, "WOW", but we just think it's right.

For Agencies

We find that our applicants are overall happy with their placements. While nothing is perfect, we strive to make sure both parties expect and receive excellence. 

  • 7,800Applications

    ...and that number grows each day. For 2018, is to create even more opportunities for each of those applicants. More job postings and more email notifications.

  • 3,400Careers Posted

    We've worked with a tremendous amount of businesses in Central Florida and from that, we've listed quite a bit of jobs! Did you find yours?

  • 1748Walk-Ins

    We only recently started counting but come to our office any day of the week and you'll be amazed by the amount of applicants that come by. Most with huge smiles.

  • 342Company Partners

    We're partnered with more Central Florida businesses to make sure opportunities are flowing. We're always reaching out (and getting contacted!) about working together.

About INFINITI Employment Solutions

INFINITI Employment Solutions is a full service employment firm established in 1999. Without making you feel like we've discovered the cure for insomnia...here's a brief overview of our firm. 

We're a group of truly talented employment professionals. We all share a total "Commitment to Quality" and a consistent dedication to being the BEST employment firm in Orlando! We're definitely Type "A" personalities. 

We're the kind of people who take the ball and run with it. We believe if our people are challenged and comfortable with their environment, they exert a force and desire to solve problems that reach far beyond the limits of 9 to 5. We're problem solvers, not order fillers. By thinking strategically, thinking creatively, and never relying on "one-size-fits-all" services, we have become exceptionally successful at creating innovative employment solutions that deliver bottomline results for our clients. In the end, our company is really about one thing: 


.. So have we piqued your interest? This is where we are supposed to invite you to call us in an aloof fashion. But that's not our style. We're a little more down to earth. We'd love to work with you. 

We'd love to meet with you. But now, we'll leave it up to you. Enjoy our site, and when you're ready, give us a call! INFINITI Employment Solutions